Be Cautious Of 3rd Party Website Builders

Almost Anyone Can Create A Website, But A Website By BizBoost Will help Grow Your Business… and here’s why.

There are so many tools to help you build a website these days. Here’s where the un-informed using popular website builders create a problem. Almost all website builders you see advertised all have one thing in common; they are considered 3rd party resources. With these third party website builder tools, you may not own your content. Any repair company or manufacturer owns their tools, right? You should own your business assets, too. They are valuable.

It’s easy to control your digital assets if you just take the time to learn the steps. There are a lot of good hosting companies out there. One that we use is Bluehost. They have excellent customer service & easy pricing.  That makes it a top choice.

But be cautious about choosing any hosting company’s website builder… they all try to
sell their own versions. What you want is independent hosting where you can load WordPress as your platform and then, choose a theme to use.

If you’re thinking about a website, it pays to plan your strategy concerning all aspects of your website. BizBoost.US offers a free 1 hour consultation. During that time, we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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