Why Voice Search Optimization Is Important To Local Businesses

voice search for local businessIt’s a fact that local voice search is an important strategy to improve how your business is being found online.


Major search engines and especially Google, are investing heavily into voice search technology. With the advent of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Cortana from Microsoft and Google Voice, the way internet search is performed is changing fast. If local business owners don’t adapt and optimize, they could find their site outranked by more savvy business owners.

With¬† investments in the 100’s of millions of dollars, these tech giants have reduced the error rate in the last several years. Get onboard now.

There are recent studies showing what factors are important for Voice Ranking. This has lead to local experts being more influential in making positive changes for local website owners when incorporating Voice Search strategies into their local websites..

Borrowing from a white pager by VoiceRank360, The Ten KEY FACTORS of Voice Ranking are:

  1. Site Loading Speed
  2. Domain Authority
  3. Carefully Worded Meta Tags
  4. Rich Snippets
  5. Mobile Optimized
  6. Optimized Images
  7. FAQ Section
  8. Voicified Keywords
  9. Optimized GMB (Google My Business
  10. SSL Secured Website

There are other voice optimization strategies, but the key thing for website owners to know is that they need to concentrate on providing simple answers to the questions searchers ask.

As an example… if someone needs a heating system checkup prior to a cold winter blast… they might ask “how much does a heating system checkup cost?” So on your webpage, Heating Checkup & Repair, in the content you might include a paragraph that begins with “Many people ask us how much a heating system checkup will cost.” Then you could finish the sentence explaining what all is included, add a Google review and then offer a coupon for 1st time customers.

It’s time for you to leverage Voice Search. You can boost traffic and increase user experience by providing answers to many common questions. By concentrating on good user experience, you can increase the time traffic is on your website.

By creating interesting content and answering questions people commonly ask, you will stand out. Your competitors will wonder (and most likely have no clue) as to how your website is now ranking ahead of them.

We’ve laid out the most important steps above and if you have time, you can learn to implement the steps into your website. However, if you are like most local business owners, time is not something you have much of. This is where the BizBoost experts can help.

BizBoost offers a complete Voice Search optimization service for busy business owners or for owners that just don’t have the knowledge to add all the optimization steps.

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